MUAH 16 Jul, 2009

Guess who’s backkk AND with a new video??? Thats right ME.

I hope you like seeing me play with… big guys (if you know what I mean).

I am supppperrr tired. I think I’m gonna shower (or bathe? hmm) and just pass out. All by myself. :( Wish i had someone nice and warm to keep me from getting cold. Oh, well. Hope you guys like the new video, I’ll check back soon to see what yall think! I really like my make up in it. =)

All sweaty and sticky 22 Jun, 2009

Hey guyssss. Did you miss me? I just got home from the gym. It takes a little bit of hard work to keep this body lookin like it does. Dont wrry, Im not trying to get thinner or get BIG muscles… just ta maintain my looks. Anywayz, I got a really hot update coming really really soon and I know you guys will LOVE it. Cuz I LOVED makin it. Well, off I gooo to bath and relax…. thanks for leavin’ comments in the video updates guys. Keep em comming ;) MUAH

Rainy Days 22 May, 2009

I dunno about you guys but I like rainy days here and there in the summer. One day you can go 2 the beach, drinks, fun the sun, hot guys and hot girls… then the next day it’s raining and stuff… you just stay home in beed cuddling and… other stuff… all day!!! Plus its good to rest up a bit… a girls got 2 have her beauty sleep. It’s done good for me wouldn’t you agreeee??? I got some more updates coming. PLS tho let me know what you like by leaving some comments. Take care boys.


What do you guys think? 30 Apr, 2009

Why are big tit school girls soooo hot???? I dont know but didnt you think I looked hot in the last update??? Well??? Make sure you guys leave comments for me to read on my clips… cuz I love knowing what turns yall onnnn… well i think I know but still. I feel a little heartbroken when i go to my scenes and see no comments. And dont be shy… us girls like our guys confident and of course hot. AnYway I had an awesome spring break… guess what my new favorite drink isss??? Nope, not sex on the beach…i prefer the real thing ;) … MOJITOS. Now you know what to buy me if you see mee at a bar… take care. Byeee.

Lotsa Updates Commin!!!!! 13 Apr, 2009

Hey yall!! I am so pooped… you have no idea.

I just wanted to come on to let ya know real quick that we have a BUNCH of updates… movies and photos… coming within the next several weeks so make sure you swing by often. And truuuuuust meee…. you won’t be disappointed. ;)

I missed you guys!! 27 Mar, 2009

Hey guys! Sorry its been sooooo long since I’ve been updated. I’ve just been working so hard lately it kinda slipped my mind. It wont happen again, I promise ;) Anywayyy, i KNOW you think the last couple scenes on here have been HOT but trust me you dont know what’s comingggg. Anyway, I just wanted to let yall know I havent forgotten about you and I’ll be updating more often. Xoxo